UFO Expert mysteriously vanishes after working on a secret project leaving family and friends baffled

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A man described as a UFO enthusiast disappeared in Brazil, leaving behind multiple manuscripts and a wall covered with occult symbols.

Some believe that he might have been beamed up to an alien spacecraft.

Brazilian psychology student Bruno Borges, 24, reportedly spent a month locked up in room while his parents were out of town, putting the finishing touches on what the New York Post described as, “his own secret X-File” before he disappeared on March 27.

Cops have launched an investigation into the whereabouts of the Rio Branco resident and noted that they are examining all possibilities about what actually happened to the UFO researcher.

“In his furniture-free bedroom, police found a £2,000 statue of 16th-century philosopher Giordano Bruno who predicted alien life, 14 encrypted books and signs associated with the Illuminati spread across the floor,” the Daily Mail explained.

Apparently he left home on foot wearing a backpack and was last seen getting into a taxi sometime thereafter.

Upon their return home from their trip, his parents discovered that the bedroom walls were decorated with strange symbols that some media outlets claim are related to Satanism along with mathematical equations. An eerie self-portrait of Bruno Borges with an alien was also  reportedly left behind. The manuscripts were consecutively numbered with Roman numerals.

Bruno Borges’ family has been unable to reach him via his cell phone, which is turned off. They have acknowledged that he pursued an interest in extraterrestrials. (RELATED: Read more about visitors from other planets at UFOS.news.)

Borges was secretive about the end game for his project, which was underway for four years, and in asking relatives for cash to fund the project, told them that the books would “change humanity in a good way.”

Some conspiracy theorists maintain that Borges may have been subject to an alien abduction, particularly given his interest in Gordiano Bruno’s material. In another bizarre twist, some social media users claim that the two Brunos are lookalikes.

The Roman Inquisition tried Gordiano Bruno for heresy on a variety of charges, and he was burned at the stake in 1600.

Social media users are following the case of the missing UFO devotee, which has received a lot of play in the British media, on Facebook and Reddit and several alternative websites.

Bruno Borges’ sister offered a different theory that seems to allude to publicity for the coded manuscripts. “She said she thinks his disappearance was linked to his ‘plan’ to get them published,” the Sun of London reported. She added that she thinks her brother is okay.

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